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As some of you may know ,

Over the past year and a half+ I stepped back from my normal level of heavy marketing & promotions of my famed Custom Grillz + Fine Custom Jewelry products & services. We here at #GrillzOnWheelz #BlindedByTheIce made that decision after a lot of critical thinking , plotting , and planning while also tending to legal matters , and just simply taking the time to regroup so that we can offer you the best possible products, services, & experience. We are completely aware of the displeasure a lot of our loyal clients & customers experienced and agree that  no time is the perfect time to abruptly stop business operations especially with open/un-delivered orders looming. The decision to press pause wasn't easy knowing the negative effects it could cause , but we ultimately knew every step we took was for the long term satisfaction of each and every one of you. Early this spring as we prepared for a strong come back , BOOM! The world feels the catastrophic impact of COVID-19. Beyond closures , limited access , amongst other things i would also personally end up on an emotional roller coaster after the deaths of 9 friends and family members from January to September. Unfortunately my world renowned horse "Rari" passed away as well during this time. I would soon find myself with nothing but time to even better prepare , and to reflect.  

What a run we had up until that point right? Who would have thought a young African American millitary kid that started doing gold grillz in killeen,Texas at the age of 14 years old , would ultimately land in Houston, Tx and leverage a partnership deal that has since grew into what i would say is the single biggest custom jewelry brand in hip-hop and maybe even the whole world. From personally doing the "ROAR" grill for Katy Perry and watching it appear on MTV.. viewed by millions , to releasing a critically acclaimed album with one of my favorite artists of all time, I've done it ALL!  Well..... at least that's what i thought .. One day , i woke up and started to think of all the dreams of others that i contributed to ... helping their dreams become their realities and i imediately decided it was finally time for me to follow my own personal dreams with my own vision. I'd have to do this  while not creating a conflict of interest. I knew having my own manufacturing production would present it's challenges . Every type of obstacle , hurdle , hater that could be put in my way .. believe me .. I've faced it. Right as covid-19 presented a different level of unpresidented challenges things were finally looking more UP than DOWN... then BOOM! Co-Vid puts a halt to everything I had spent the last year plus organizing , planning , and building..causing me to literally have to start from square one. I want to deeply apologize from the bottom of my heart to each and everyone of you for the lack of customer service , communication , updates , and content. I am proud to announce that WE ARE BACK! We are now accepting new orders, and we have a help center set up for all clients with open orders that have never been fulfilled. My legal team has advised me how to move going forward to avoid any post-covid damages and losses on my side , but most importantly my clients. My new staff and I are dedicated to ensuring the best shopping experience going fwd.

Original Custom Designed Grillz & Fine CustomJewelry

Collection of Removable Gold Teeth
12 Pack Slugs (12pcSLG)

12 Pack Slugs (12pcSLG)

$600.00Regular Price$500.00Sale Price
6 Piece Diamond Fangs (DiaFang6)

6 Piece Diamond Fangs (DiaFang6)

$1,200.00Regular Price$1,000.00Sale Price
6 Piece Rojo (6pcrojo)

6 Piece Rojo (6pcrojo)

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Hip-Hop Artist & Diamond Dealer C.Stone The Breadwinner spearheaded the creation of what is now known as "Street Jewelers". The unmatched hustle and business relationship with some of the most known and skilled jewelers,  is why

Grillz On Wheelz Inc. Is the number one mobile Grillz & Custom Jewelry brand in the world. It's finally officially safe to say WE'RE BACK!


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