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Grillz Girlz is a team of young and motivated women that embrace the gold teeth culture. C.Stone created this movement to promote , and sale removable gold teeth specifically designed for women. By Signing up and paying the ONE TIME yearly  membership fee to be a #GrillzGirl you will receive exclusive offers on all grillz and custom jewelry , your first basic set of Grillz for FREE , FREE entry into ANY and ALL Breadwinner Music Group events , FREE photo & Video Shoots, FREE teeth whitening kit ($80.00 Value) plus your very own unique and exclusive promo code which earns you a 20% commission every time your code is used. Yes you read correctly , for a one time yearly fee you will be enrolled and schooled on how you can use your FREE set of grillz to drive traffic to our website and earn extra cash. The Great part about it is , your don't have to leave the comfort of your home. All you need is a smartphone , internet , and a great smile. 

Frequently asked questions

How Do I Get My Grill?

We will contact you to get your mailing info and send you a self molding kit with all instructions , once you send it back to us with your design order form filled out , we will make your teeth and ship back to you.

Do I have to pay for shipping to receive my teeth ?

No...this cost is covered in your yearly fee that you paid at sign up.

Being a member , What Do I Have To Pay For?

After you've paid your fees the only thing you will have to pay for is the difference in price to upgrade your grill if you don't like the basic design that is included. All other promo materials , videos , shoots, ect. are all covered in your initial fees.

What is required of me by being a Grillz Girl?

All we need you to do is smile big and bright , post photos and videos on all of your social media while letting your followers know where to shop for their grillz. Always remind them to use your unique promo coupon code to save money. The same money that we discount instantly becomes your comission.

How Do I Get Paid?

Once a customer completes a purchase using your promo code we are imediately notified and credit your Grillz Girl account. Your promo code will give customers 20% off of their total purchase, in turn that same discounted 20% is your comission. Example: a customer spends $400.00 - 20% Discount using your code = $320.00 that the customer pays and you make $80.00 comission. We keep a file that tracks every time each code is used and once a month we add all your sales together and pay you once monthly.

Is My Promo Code ONLY valid on grillz ? and Womens Grillz at that?

Your code is valid on ANY product or merchandise on or feel free to promote ANY product or service we provide. As long as your unique promo code is being used , you will ear commission.

Is this an exclusive membership??

Due to the popularity of our brand and our world wide appeal , YES this is an exclusive membership. Meaning , once you sign up you will also receive an endorsement agreement that states that you cannot promote any other jeweler or brand that sales the same or similar products. By being a member you will also recieve some classified information that is not to be shared which is why there are non-disclosure in your endorsment agreement as well.

Will I get to meet C.Stone , Paul Wall , Johnny Dang?

Yes, by being a member you will be first to know of our events, and also be considered for our music video and comercial shoots. We pay and cover travel costs on a selective basis.

What is the Difference from paying for membership vs. just buying my grill?

With a membership , although your can upgrade your grill as you like, you still get a basic grill for FREE + with your promo code you have access to a 20% discount on ALL of our websites. Last but not least , you can earn extra cash by being a member and getting other to use your promo code.

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